CrossFit – Wed, Apr 12


CrossFit – Wed, Apr 12

Crossfit Chilliwack – CrossFit

Warm up

2:00 run, row, ski or bike

2 Rounds:

:30 PVC pass throughs

:30 air squats | air squats with knees together

:30 PVC side bends

:30 lunges | step-back lunges

:30 PVC good mornings

:30 single-leg squat to parallel | heel-hooked foot-wrapped single-leg squat

Skill Review


6 alternating DB deadlifts Dumbbell path: Place the dumbbell directly between the feet, and keep the dumbbell close with a straight elbow.

6 alternating DB high pulls Hip extension: Use the hips and legs to drive the DB to chest height. Delay the arm bend until after the hips have extended.

6 alternating DB hang power snatches Timing: From above the knee, jump with a straight arm and THEN pull and punch overhead.

6 DB overhead squats (3 R, then 3 L) Range of motion: Press the DB towards the ceiling as you press your hips back and down below parallel.

6 DB squat snatches Receiving position: Jump hard and punch overhead then receive in a sound overhead squat. SKILL AND BUILD-UP | 12:00

Give athletes 1:00-2:00 to grab and put away plates before and after the EMOM.

Every 2:00 x 5 sets:

6 alternating DB squat snatches

RX (Time)

5 rounds for time:

20 alternating single-leg squats

20 alternating DB snatches (35/50 lb)


5 rounds for time:

10 alternating single-leg squats

20 alternating DB snatches (35/50 lb)


5 rounds for time:

20 alternating back-step lunges

20 alternating DB snatches (20/25 lb)


2 sets:

1:00 foam roll quads

1:00 foam roll lower back