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New to CrossFit

You’re invited to visit us in the gym for a free “No Sweat Intro” which is a 20-30 minute session in which we discuss your fitness history, your current goals and invite you through a short movement assessment so we can learn what would work best for you to get the results you want.

On Ramp Sessions

If you haven’t done CrossFit before we want to ensure you have a good experience with great results.

After the No Sweat Intro your journey with CrossFit Chilliwack begins with our “On Ramp Series”. Our “3-Session On Ramp” gets you going and may be tailored with additional sessions according to your goals. You’ll learn the CrossFit methodology and movements and get a short workout done in great learning environment.

Experienced CrossFitter

If you have trained at a CrossFit Affiliate and are experienced with the lingo and movements and are eager to join a group CrossFit class, sign up below to drop in or contact us.

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