CrossFit – Thu, Apr 13


CrossFit – Thu, Apr 13

Crossfit Chilliwack – CrossFit

Warm up

Start each minute with :15 of single-unders.

Work up until the :50 mark of each 1:00.


Min. 1 | inchworm + push-up

Min. 2 | hollow rocks

Min. 3 | up-down + max-effort jump and reach

Min. 4 | hip taps in an inchworm

Min. 5 | burpee + max-effort jump and reach

Skill Review


Leads 5 reps per progression. Then let athletes move for 3-5 reps on their own.


Standing up tall with feet under the hips.

Bar in the rack position.

Hands outside the shoulders.

Full grip on the bar.

Elbows in front of the bar.


Neutral spine Pull the ribs down and in as the bar goes up.

Active shoulders Keep the ribs down while pressing the bar up toward the ceiling.

Bar path Pull the head back and then skim the nose to press.

Cycling reps Elbows forward on the way down and quickly press off of the shoulders.


3-4 sets:

3 shoulder presses

– Build to ~80% of 1RM shoulder press.

Shoulder Press (8 sets for load:
2 shoulder presses)

Lift once every 2:00.

Start at ~80% and build in small jumps.

Attempt to find a new 2-rep-max.

Take the bar from the rack.

Post Wod (No Measure)

2 sets:

1:00 max-reps sit-ups

…directly into…

1:00 cumulative overhead barbell hold (65/95 lb)

– Rest 1:00 between sets.


1 set:

1:00 lacrosse ball tricep mash/side

1:00 lacrosse ball behind the shoulder blade/side