CrossFit – Mon, Mar 4


CrossFit – Mon, Mar 4

CrossFit Chilliwack – CrossFit

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General Warm-up (No Measure)

2 rounds:

Row 250 meters

:30 mountain climbers

10 dumbbell sumo deadlifts

5 single-arm dumbbell shoulder presses/arm

:30 up-downs

5 single-arm dumbbell bent-over rows/arm

5 single-arm dumbbell windmills/arm

:30 burpees

Deadlift (Pre-workout
2 deadlifts
– Build to a heavy set of 2 reps.)

Freestyle Diane (Time)

– RX –

For time:

45 deadlifts (155/225 lb)

45 handstand push-ups


For time:

45 deadlifts (105/155 lb)

45 pike push-ups


For time:

45 deadlifts (55/75 lb)

45 double-DB push presses (10/15 lb)

Stretching (No Measure)


:30 Samson stretch/side

:30 elevated pigeon stretch/side

:30 sit-and-reach stretch

– AT-HOME – (Time)

For time:

60 DB deadlifts (35/50 lb)

45 handstand push-ups

– Use two dumbbells.

Work Your Weakness

– STRENGTH I – (7 Rounds for weight)

For load:

Snatch, clean, or jerk:

5 reps x 4 sets at 50-60%

4 reps x 3 sets at 60-70%

– Welcome to week one of our Strength I cycle. For the next eight weeks, choose between snatch, clean, or jerk (push or split) and stick with the same lift for the entire eight weeks. You can change the lift in the next eight-week cycle.

– Use a recent one-rep-max to find your percentages.

– Take the barbell out of a rack for the jerk.

– Rest as needed between sets.

Shoulder Press (- STRENGTH II –
For load:
Shoulder press
– Max reps on the last set.)

– Welcome to week one of our Strength II cycle where we will shoulder press for the next four weeks.

– Find a heavy set of 5 shoulder presses for the day.

– Use the same load for sets 4 and 5, but go for more than 5 reps in that final set without pushing to failure.

– STRENGTH III – (Weight)

4 sets for load:

100-meter dumbbell farmers carry

1:00 sandbag bear hug hold

– Relatively heavy grunt work.

– Increase loading of both the dumbbells and the sandbag across as many sets as possible.

– Complete both movements in 2 sets or less.

– Rest :10-:20 between movements and then as needed between sets.

– Build in load to a heavy set across all movements that leaves you feeling worked, but good about your movement quality.


Farmers carry: Dumbbell box step-ups

Sandbag hold: Load, dumbbell, or kettlebell front-rack hold

– SKILL I – (Checkmark)

For completion:

50 GHD hip extensions

50 GHD sit-ups

200-ft handstand walk

– Today’s skill work gets you upside down while your midline is fatigued. Expect the first time you kick up to be a challenge. Take a breath and remember to stay tight as you take those first few steps. Consider starting with smaller steps and then taking bigger ones as you gain confidence.

– Complete the work in the prescribed order, resting as needed.

– Scale the sit-up range of motion and the handstand walk distance. Scale the handstand walk to 50-60 alternating shoulder taps with your stomach or back facing the wall if needed.

– STAMINA I – (Time)

4 sets for time:

800-meter run

– Rest 3:00 between sets.

– 24:00-30:00 (including rest).

– Each 800-meter run in less than 5:00.

– Perform each run at a semi-sustainable pace (around 80-90% effort), rather than an all-out effort. This strategy should allow you to recover enough to finish each set in a similar time.

– Perform this workout with friends for more push and drive to move faster. If you don’t have someone to complete the workout with, wear a watch and set goals for each interval.


– C2 Bike: 1,600/2,000 meters

– Row: 800/1,000 meters