CrossFit – Wed, Apr 19


CrossFit – Wed, Apr 19

Crossfit Chilliwack – CrossFit

Warm up

2 sets:

30 jumping jacks

10 overhead squats

30 jumping jacks

10 snatch balances

30 jumping jacks

Skill Review



Setup Heels down, shoulders in front of the bar, visible lumbar arch.

Deadlift to mid-thigh “Pull the knees back as the bar rises. Stop at mid-thigh with the shoulders in front of the bar.”

Deadlift-shrug “Squeeze your glutes with straight arms and THEN shrug.”

Muscle snatch “Squeeze your glutes with a straight arm and THEN pull and punch overhead.”

Overhead squat “Press the bar up as the hips pull back and down towards the heels.”

Hang squat snatch “Jump and land in the bottom of the squat.”

Snatch “Shave the legs with the bar and jump hard with a straight arm. Then, land in the bottom of the squat.”

Pre workout Load-up

3-5 sets:

1-3 snatches

– Build in weight.

– Reset between lifts (not touch-and-go).

Snatch (EMOM 20:
1 snatch)

Heavy lifting day relative to each athlete’s capacity.

Athletes may choose to squat or power snatch at any time.

Increase loading across as many sets as possible.

Some athletes may have an opportunity to PR!



1:00 banded shoulder stretch/side