CrossFit – Tue, Jan 17


CrossFit – Tue, Jan 17

Crossfit Chilliwack – CrossFit

Warm up


2 sets:

:30 jumping jacks

10 single-DB shoulder presses

50-ft single-arm DB overhead carry/arm

10 alternating single-DB renegade row

– 1 push-up + 1 row = 1 rep.


PULL-UP | 4:00

Use any style of weighted pull-up on the final step.


5 scap pull-ups Belly tight, toes in front of the body, and shoulders move straight up and straight down.

2-3 partial pull-ups Maintain the hollow body position, initiate a scap pull-up, then pull to a 90-degree elbow position and hold for :01, then return to the hang and release the shoulders.

2-3 strict pull-ups Maintain the hollow body throughout the entire range of motion.

2-3 weighted pull-ups Hold in the hang for :03 between reps and “pull the bar down below the chin.”

Skill Review

RING DIP | 4:00

Use any style of weighted ring dip on the final step.


:15 ring support hold Arms straight, eyes forward, and the rings pushed down towards the knees.

3 ring dip negatives Lower to the bottom across :03 and hold the bottom with the shoulders below the elbows for :03.

2-5 strict ring dips Get shoulders below the elbows, then push the rings towards the floor to press up.

2-3 weighted ring dips Achieve the full ROM where the arms lockout and the shoulders pass below the elbows on every rep.


7 sets for load:

5 strict weighted pull-ups

5 strict weighted ring dips


7 sets:

5 strict banded pull-ups

5 strict banded ring dips

Post-Workout Strength

400-m DB farmers carry


2 sets:

:20 doorway pec stretch/side

20 banded pull-aparts