CrossFit – Thu, Apr 6


CrossFit – Thu, Apr 6

Crossfit Chilliwack – CrossFit

Warm up

1 set:

:30 alternating back rack lunges

:30 push-ups (from knees as needed)

:30 air squats

:30 burpees

:30 PVC good mornings

:30 PVC pass throughs

Skill Review


Demo each step of the progression and layer in a single teaching point at a time.

Identify and assign scaling options as you move from one progression to the next.

Practice for 1:00 at each step of the progression.

Steps 1-5: with rings set at approximately belly button height.

Steps 6-7: with rings set at full height.


False grip ring row Maintain the false grip.

Jumping ring dip or ring dip Full range of motion.

Leg-assisted muscle-up transition Use the legs to assist.

Leg-assisted muscle-up transition Make sure rings touch low on the chest before the transition.

Leg-assisted muscle-up transition Increase difficulty by walking the feet out little by little.

False grip kip swings Maintain false grip, big kip swings.

Muscle-ups All athletes get 2:00-3:00 to practice 5-10 reps of the workout version.

Skill Review


Athletes may use a PVC or a barbell.

Once set up,lead 3-5 reps per progression. Then let athletes move for 3-5 reps on their own. Then rest.

Use the full deadlift rep for most progressions to give athletes more practice through the entire range of motion.


Hands outside shoulder width While standing “Hold the bar and widen your grip until the thumbs barely touch the thighs.”

Feet between hips and shoulder-width Without the bar “Jump up and down 3x and then hold the landing and point your feet straight.”

Shoulders slightly in front of the bar From standing with the bar “Push the shoulders forward of the bar and slide it down the leg to mid-shin.”

Neutral spine From the starting position with the bar at mid-shin “Without dropping the hips, push the chest out and arch the low back.”

Weight in the heels “Wiggle the toes while keeping the chest over the bar.”


Weight in the heels “Push the heels into the floor as you stand up.”

Neutral spine “Brace your midline (squeeze your belly) as you stand up.”

Active shoulders “Pull the bar into the shins with straight arms.”

Straight bar path “Shave the bar against your legs as you stand.”

Constant torso angle “Pull the knees back as the bar slides up the shin.”

Pre workout Load-up

4 sets:

5 deadlifts working from light to workout weight (heavy)

– Lift every 2:00.

RX (AMRAP – Reps)

6 x 2:00 min rounds:

5 deadlifts (heavy)

Max muscle-ups in the remaining time

– Rest 1:00 between rounds.

– Score both the deadlift and muscle-up (reps).


6 x 2:00 min rounds:

5 deadlifts (heavy)

Max low ring muscle-up transitions in the remaining time

– Rest 1:00 between rounds.

– Score both the deadlift and muscle-up (reps).


2 sets:

:30 banded shoulder stretch/side

:30 banded tricep stretch/side