CrossFit – Sat, Mar 25


CrossFit – Sat, Mar 25

Crossfit Chilliwack – CrossFit

Warm up

Athletes stand ~5 meters apart.

2 rounds with a partner:

100-m run tossing med ball back and forth

10 med-ball chest passes

10 med-ball squat + throws

10 med-ball sit-up tosses

Extended Warm-up

2 rounds:

10 reps/side pulling + foot tapping

10 meters falling forward drill

10 reps/side of pulling in place

2 turns at partner falling drills/partner

:30 position drill/leg

4 change in support drill/side

Skill Review

TOES-TO-BAR | 8:00

Spend 1:00 at each step

Focus on the kip swing and aggressively press down in the back swing to maximize height.


Setup “Hands outside shoulder width, pull down on the bar, and squeeze the stomach.”

Kip swings “Quickly push the shoulders forward and pull the shoulders back.”

2 Kip swings + 2 knees above hips “As the shoulders pull back, pull the knees to the chest.”

2 kip swings + 2 knees-to-armpits “Press down against the bar as the knees rise.”

2 kip swings + 2 knees-to-armpits + 1 toes-to-bar “Kick the legs straight as the knees touch the chest.”

2 toes-to-bars “Pull the feet down quickly and arch hard into the next rep.”

Workout Prep

1 round:

5 wall-ball shots

3 toes-to-bars


5 rounds for time:

200-m run

15 wall-ball shots (14/20 lb)(9/10 ft)

10 toes-to-bars


5 rounds for time:

200-m run

10 wall-ball shots (8/10 lb)(9/10 ft)

10 hanging knee raises

Post Workout (5 Rounds for time)

5 sets:

Max hanging L-sit hold


2 sets:

:30 leg swings/leg

:30 standing hamstring stretch/leg