CrossFit – Mon, Apr 10


CrossFit – Mon, Apr 10

Crossfit Chilliwack – CrossFit

Warm up

AMRAP 3:00:

10 mountain climbers

10 air squats

10 push-ups

Skill Review


Quick setup check:

Hands outside shoulder width

Feet between hips and shoulder-width

Shoulders slightly in front of the bar

Neutral spine

Weight in the heels


3 reps weight in heels “Push the heels into the floor as you stand up.”

3 reps neutral spine “Lift the chest up through the arms. Arch the lower back.”

3 reps active shoulders “Pull the bar into the shins.”

3 reps straight bar path “Shave the bar against your leg.”

3 reps constant torso angle “Pull the knees back as the bar slides up the shin.” SQUAT CLEAN | 5:00


3 deadlift + shrugs Keep the bar close and keep your arms straight. Speed through the middle.

3 front squats Elbows stay high and full range of motion squat.

3 hang squat cleans Jump and pull yourself under the barbell.

3 squat cleans Full extension before pulling under the bar. Don’t “fall” to the bottom of the lift. BENCH PRESS REVIEW | 3:00

Setup and points of performance:

Hands just wider than shoulders

Heels, glutes, and shoulders stay in contact with the bench

“Break” the bar apart and pull the elbows in toward the torso

2 sets:

5 empty bar bench presses

-Coach-led reps.

-Partners take turns.

Pre workout Load-up

2-3 rounds:

3 deadlifts

3 bench presses

3 squat cleans

– Take turns with a partner.

– Add load to each barbell each round.

Linda (Time)


Deadlift ,1.5 Body Weight

Bench Press, Body Weight

Clean, 3/4 Body Weight


For time:


Deadlift (125/185 lb)

Bench press (85/135 lb)

Squat clean (65/95 lb)


For time:


Deadlift (65/95 lb)

Bench press (65/95 lb)

Squat clean (55/75 lb)


1 set:

:40 seated straddle stretch

:40 seated hamstring stretch, left

:40 seated hamstring stretch, right