CrossFit – Fri, Feb 17


CrossFit – Fri, Feb 17

Crossfit Chilliwack – CrossFit

Warm up

23.1 MOVEMENT PREP | 5:00

Athletes keep cycling through rounds of the warm-up.

On a 6:00 clock:

10 PVC pass-throughs

5 med-ball ground-to-overheads

5 med-ball thrusters (reach for the lockout)

5 false-grip ring rows

5 low ring muscle-up transitions

Skill Review


Alternate between both movements or have athletes move on their own.

2 sets:

5 kip swings

5 wall-ball shots

2 sets:

5 kipping knee raises

5 wall-ball shots

Demo how to kick the heels back hard during the backswing to help cycle reps.

Also demo how to perform a quick single toes-to-bar, jump down, and then jump into another quick single. Quick singles can help athletes keep moving when they fatigue or start to fail multiple rep attempts.

1 set:

5 toes-to-bars

5 wall-ball shots

Skill Review


Demo the clean.

Demo how to cycle cleans by pausing at the hip and then initiating the next rep.

Demo a pace for performing singles on cleans; 1 rep every :05-:06 seconds.

3 sets x 3 touch-and-go + 3 single cleans (increase weight each set)

Mini Round

1-2 sets:

5 pulls on the rower

5 toes-to-bars (or scaled variation)

3 cleans as singles

1-5 muscle-ups (or scaled variation)

CrossFit Games Open 14.4 and 23.1 RX (Ages 16-54) (AMRAP – Reps)

14 minutes of:
60-calorie row
50 toes-to-bars
40 wall-ball shots
30 cleans
20 muscle-ups

F: 14lb ball to 9ft target, 95lb
M: 20lb ball to 10ft target, 135lb

CrossFit Games Open 23.1 Scaled (Ages 16-54) (AMRAP – Reps)

14 minutes of:
60-calorie row
50 hanging knee raises
40 wall-ball shots
30 cleans
20 chin-over-bar pull-ups

F: 10lb ball to 9ft target, 65lb
M: 14lb ball to 10ft target, 95lb

CrossFit Games Open 23.1 Foundations (AMRAP – Reps)

14 minutes of:
60 strokes on the rower
50 sit-ups
40 wall-ball shots
30 cleans
20 push-ups

F: 6lb ball to 9ft target, 35lb cleans*
M: 10lb ball to 10ft target, 45lb cleans*

*The load is a suggested starting point.
If you are completing all of the tests in
the foundations division, you are free to
decrease or increase the load as your skill
level allows.


2 sets:

:30 couch stretch/side

:30 doorway pec stretch/side