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CrossFit Chilliwack Founder Jon Heron

Jon Heron


CrossFit has been a big part of Jon’s life since 2006 after spending too many hours refreshing the CrossFit main site to work through the most recent WOD. When some good friends opened CrossFit Chilliwack in 2009, Jon certified and became a coach from the outset. Jon and a partner took over the business in 2018 and when his business partner retired in 2020, Jon decided to continue the vision: to improve the business aspects while still exploring, practicing and delivering movement virtuosity, health and wellness for self and others in a positive environment of continuous learning.

The Team

CrossFit Chilliwack Coach Jon Heron

Jon Heron


Jon started CrossFit in his garage in 2006 and gradually learned and became adept at the skills and methodology. He took the CrossFit Level 1 Trainers Course in October 2009 and joined CrossFit Chilliwack as a Coach. Finding fulfillment in coaching, Jon upgraded with the CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting Course, CrossFit Gymnastics Course and the CrossFit Level 2 Trainers Course and has been teaching ever since. Jon is also a certified Yoga Instructor and brings his expertise to mobility training. Jon has taught is several disciplines over the years: CrossFit, martial arts, tactics, fitness and cycling. He coaches athletes to become aware of their own movement patterns so they can naturally and incrementally increase their own skills and performance so they can get the results that they’re seeking. Jon emphasizes body alignment, posture, and mobility across all modalities as a stepping stone to increasing performance, strength and ultimately, work capacity. Jon has competed over the years in running, triathlon, cycling and CrossFit. He also enjoys both road and mountain biking, as well as running and hiking our local mountains.

CrossFit Chilliwack Coach Matt Civis

Matt Civis


Matt first tried CrossFit in 2018 after a new gym opened in his Portland neighbourhood. After years of long-distance running, he was looking for a way to build strength with the goal of long-term fitness and health. CrossFit quickly became an obsession as it helped him become a stronger, more efficient runner. You will likely find him running along the Vedder River Trail or hanging out with his wife and daughter when not at the gym. Matt enjoys learning new things and helping others find success.

CrossFit Chilliwack Coach Marion Craig

Marion Craig


Marion comes from an athletic background including competing internationally for Canada in triathlons and cross country skiing; racing for Team Canada in Morocco’s Eco challenge (1997); and competing in track, cross country & trail running events. She has competed in multiple events at the World Police and Fire Games and has numerous podium finishes with age group records to her name. She can still be seen competing in various athletic events but has turned her attention to coaching. This has included University and club runners as well as CrossFit athletes. Her focus has been to help athletes achieve their personal bests through improving form with a proper mix of training volume and intensity. Marion has a Bachelor in Physical Education and has held BCRPA and NCCP certifications (for several sports). In an effort to incorporate her athletic background and education with CrossFit’s practices, she completed her Level 1 CrossFit, CrossFit Endurance, and Mobility/WOD Movement & Mobility certifications. Most recently, Marion is dedicated to CrossFit training – when she tried it out in effort to fight the effects of aging. The intensity and challenging movements inspired Marion to continue to push herself athletically. She appreciates the solid functional movement foundation that CrossFit provides for athletes of all ages.

CrossFit Chilliwack Coach Oliver Poirier

Oliver Poirier


Oliver has worked as a personal trainer since 2014. He had a passion for functional fitness and believed the work you put in at the gym should translate directly to everyday life. This path led him to discover CrossFit in 2017 where he was humbled by a workout involving rounds of rowing. Quickly realized he was not as fit as he once thought and there was a lot to be learned in the fitness space. His hope is to help people regain their heath and wellness through movement, and believes CrossFit is an excellent tool to achieve this goal. Oliver feels that one day we will recognize fitness as an essential medicine. We will work on our health in a preventative manner rather than a reactive one. This will lead to less hospital visits and to live long happy pain free lives where grandparents are able to run around and play with their grandchildren. Come enjoy one of his classes and let him show you how this is possible

CrossFit Chilliwack Coach Garret Chow

Garrett Chow

CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

Let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Garrett Chow and I have been doing CrossFit since 2018 (6 years) and Coaching since 2019 (5 years). I am a level 2 certified CrossFit coach and enjoy every minute of it. CrossFit for me is more than just random workouts slapped together. I love the methodology and the varied nature as it keeps it constantly engaging and interesting for me. No workout is quite the same, but the programming still pushes you in the right direction to achieve the gains you want. I come from a basketball, powerlifting and track & field background where where every workout was the same structure everyday which was stale and mentally taxing. CrossFit is the complete opposite and I always find myself wanting to improve on different skills to round out my fitness.

CrossFit has allowed me to engage with my inner athlete and allow my strength, cardio, flexibility and just general health and fitness sky rocket even well into my 30’s. I work as an RCMP officer as my full time job for the last 11 years and I realized very early on that I had to make fitness a priority or else my health would take a sharp decline. CrossFit has given me a haven for more than just my physical health but has helped immensely with the mental side of things as well.

Outside of the fitness the community is second to none. At my previous gym I made some of the best friends I ever have in my whole life. Currently I find that same sense of community at CrossFit Chilliwack. No matter the gym you work out at, you’ll always find that they’re welcoming and have the same values that you do.

Supporting me through my every endeavour ismy lovely wife of 9 years. I have lab mix dogs two dogs (basically my children) that I rescued during my years of working up north. For other fitness activities I enjoying Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Hiking, and running. I am notoriously known for my dad jokes in class and try to bring a a charismatic and unique coaching style. One fun fact about me, I have never lost a game of musical chairs in my life.

CrossFit Chilliwack Coach RiRi Laboucane

RiRi Laboucane

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

CrossFit Chilliwack Coach Kerri Swartz

Kerri Swartz


Kerri got her first taste of a Crossfit WOD in 2007 and was instantly hooked. She joined Crossfit Chilliwack in 2009 and took her Level 1 certification in the spring 2010 and began coaching while developing her private physiotherapy practice. The two worlds collided and after taking the Movement and Mobility Certification with Kelly Starrett, she implemented CrossFit functional movements into her practice. She offers support and treatment for our members with the use of traditional physiotherapy, orthopaedic manual therapy and manipulation, cupping, exercise corrections and IMS needling. She has competed at various CrossFit competitions, is an avid trail runner, and participates in all backcountry activities in the mountains. She welcomed her son in 2017 and has been intrigued with the process of staying fit with Crossfit doing pregnancy and the recovery afterward. This has intrigued her to become a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist and is certified in Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism Training.

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