“I discovered CrossFit when I returned to work after having my first child. I’m someone who has struggled with my weight since I was 12 years old. By the time I went to University I was 5’2″, 200lbs and miserable. In my mid-20’s I made the decision to get in shape to pursue a career in law enforcement so I started running.

For about eight years I managed to maintain a moderate level of fitness through running and the occasional cardio class or light weight lifting and I thought that was as fit I could ever really get. After having my son, I had about 15 extra pounds that were stubbornly hanging on despite my running and cardio classes.

Then I met Joel, he told me about CrossFit and I fully admit….I totally didn’t believe him. Come on! Short workouts? No long distance running? Joel challenged me to try it for six weeks. So in September 2010 I did and Joel was so right! I lost ten pounds in the first six weeks, was leaner and more muscular than I had ever been and went from running 4 to 5 times a week to running once a week and yet my running improved!

Needless to say I was hooked! Since then I’ve been a dedicated Crossfitter and have redefined what fitness means to me. My body is completely different and so is my outlook on life. I manage stress better, feel better about myself and am proud of the example I’m setting for my son, who now at 3 years old loves going to “mommy’s gym”.

The CrossFit workouts are always challenging and rewarding but it’s the CrossFit community of amazing people and coaches that make this place so special. From the nutrition challenges to the occasional outdoor workout competitions and CrossFit Games, there’s always something new and exciting to participate in and push yourself past any limits you ever thought you had.

I am now 7 months pregnant with twins and am still making it to CrossFit a few times a week. As a recovering fat person, dealing with weight gain in pregnancy isn’t easy but CrossFit has helped me manage my weight and maintain my fitness throughout this pregnancy.

The coaches have been fantastic about altering workouts to accommodate the growing belly and encouraging me to keep working out. I hope to continue until these two are ready to make their debut and then I’ll be back to WOD for real and I can’t wait!”
- Teresa

“CrossFit has changed me.

In September 2012, after personally managing 5 years of diet and exercise, with some degree of success, a co-worker suggested I consider trying CrossFit Chilliwack and take my fitness to a new level. I have considered myself to be a “fit” person but decided to see what CrossFit had to offer. I met the owners of the BOX in Chilliwack, Sarah and Joel, and immediately signed up for Elements.

The CrossFit Chilliwack philosophy of “functional movements for life” is far more global than any other personal trainer I have ever worked with. The focus wasn’t only on the work out, but also incorporated good nutrition and taking care of the body and mind. Sarah and Joel offer a “lifestyle” focus meant to prepare me both physically and mentally for whatever physical challenges I encounter throughout life.

The Culture of the BOX in Chilliwack is unlike anything I have ever experienced in a gym environment. From Day 1 of Elements, I felt part of a great, unusually supportive and extremely positive ‘team like’ atmosphere.

The high intensity, short duration WOD’S have given me the best overall results of any other workout. There are no repetitive daily routines, which keeps you from getting bored and prevents you from overworking or underworking the same muscle groups. In traditional workouts, I would only push myself as hard as I felt like working out that day.

In CrossFit, you have a ‘team’ encouraging you to work as hard as you can physically endure every time. The WOD’s are tough, challenging and addictive enough to keep me going back to the BOX 4 to 5 times every week.

Thank you Sarah and Joel for changing, not only my appearance, but my life. At 45 years old, Crossfit has helped me to get into the best shape I have ever been in, both physically and mentally.”
- Joe L.

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