Saturday – April 27, 2013

New Elements group starts today at 8:30am!  Group class at 9:30am – workout to be announced at the start of class.


Check out the recipe for these Paleo Energy Balls here.

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  1. Did 1 1/2 hour trail run this morning.(1st time in looong time)
    Pleased that I was able to keep up thanks to crossfit :)

  2. Congrats to Acacia and Michelle who stuck around after the WOD and did their first Kipping HSPU from the floor! Great job :)

  3. Nice job, ladies! :)

  4. Thanks for all the tips and for letting us try it out Terrence! Super excited to get my first Kipping HSPU!

    Great wod this morning too!

    15min AMRAP
    10 ground to overhead
    15 pull ups
    100m run

    I did clean and jerk 65lbs.

    4 rounds plus 10 ground to overhead… Then I had to save my children from each other…lol.

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